At Novidam Capital Partners, we try to stay true to entrepreneurial spirit, rather than just focus on the benefits of financial engineering.  In any business we acquire, thoughtful business acumen will be applied through an experienced investor group with shared resources, in Director/Board Member capacity, or, on the work floor as an in company manager.  

During due-diligence trajectories we try to get deep understanding of a company’s unique value proposition and assess how it fits with our portfolio and strategy.  When we reach mutual agreement with a selling owner-founder on a flexible offer, post-close, typically, a selling owner-founder joins our management team, or, if the business is to be kept operating separately, a Novidam investor will join the acquired company’s management team to help lead the company to sustainable growth.

Our approach offers sellers a liquidity event and access to investment capital, as well as the possibility of continuing their legacy, working closely with energetic entrepreneurs.