NCP acquires Supreme Security

NCP acquired Supreme Security in Q4 2019 to add to its growing portfolio of integrated security companies.  The combined businesses fly under Briscoe Protective and together are NY Metro’s number 1 local fire and security provider.  Supreme Security Systems is a leading provider of integrated security systems. Supreme is a New York based company serving the Metropolitan New York area, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing a variety of state-of-the-art security/life safety systems and services.  Supreme focuses on customer segments such as (private) schools, high-end hotels and property management companies.

NCP acquires Bellringer Security

In February 2019, Novidam Capital Partners acquired Bellringer Security.  Celebrating more than 100 years of success, since 1917 Bellringer has been supplying the East End of Long Island, primarily The Hamptons, with high-end commercial and residential security services.  Protecting over six thousand addresses, and with its 45 employees, Bellringer is the original security protection company of Eastern Long Island. With Bellringer, Novidam Capital Partners increases its geographic footprint of security companies from NYC through the East End, as well as penetrates more deeply into local markets, creating >80% market share from Southampton eastward. The teams in our operating companies are excited to partner with Bellringer to share resources, learnings and customer care improvement, to continue our strong growth curve.  The integrated group of companies is the largest private held security company in New York. /

NCP acquires SCAN Security

On January 9th 2018, Novidam Capital Partners acquired SCAN Security.  With >50 employees, SCAN Security provides residential and light commercial security services to high value customers primarily in the East End of Long Island, with more than four thousand customers in The Hamptons. From Southampton to Montauk, with most of its customers in East Hampton, SCAN Security protects the homes and businesses of renowned businesses and famous individuals, offering burglary alarm, interactive video, remote grounds control and guard patrol services. Being integrated into Worldwide Security Group, SCAN Security increases the combined company’s geographic expansion from NYC through the Hamptons, and creates the largest private security company in New York.

Novidam Capital Partners acquires Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc.

On August 24th 2017, Novidam acquired Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc..  Founded in 1978, Briscoe, with >55 people and offices in Centereach, Harrison and Manhattan, is one the the largest privately held security companies in New York, the largest specialized in fire safety exclusively.  Briscoe focuses on fire security and fire alarm monitoring and provides services for more than four thousand commercial clients, such as Grand Central Terminal, well known hotels and universities, and thousands of iconic Manhattan office buildings.  With Worldwide Security, the combination and its >115 employees becomes the largest privately held security company in the NYC-Metro area, and one of the 35 largest public and private security companies in the United States, based on the 2017 US SDM-top 100 ranking. (

NCP acquires Goodstrong Lock and Alarm, Inc.

NCP acquires Goodstrong Lock and Alarm, Inc.  Goodstrong Lock & Alarm, Inc. is a protection and detection company based in New Hyde Park, New York.  Goodstrong has been providing residential and light commercial customers with burglary alarms and other protection services since 1985.  NCP has acquired the burglary alarm assets of Goodstrong in January of 2017, and its management and service teams will be integrated into Worldwide Security Group.  The acquisition of Goodstrong helps Worldwide Security Group to continue to penetrate the home and light commercial markets and gain deeper understanding from security customers in New York.

NCP acquires burglary alarm division of CCTV Services, Inc.

CCTV Services Inc. is a company from which Novidam has acquired the burglary alarm division, folding into Worldwide Security Group, LLC.  A natural fit with deep customer penetration in mid-Long Island, CCTV’s burglary alarm division adds to Worldwide Security’s expansion in Nassau county.

Novidam Capital Partners acquires Home Control Systems

On August 1st 2016, Novidam Capital Partners completed its acquisition of Home Control Systems, Inc., of New Jersey, in a debt and cash asset transaction.  Home Control Systems is a residential burglary alarm business focused on eastern New Jersey, providing homeowners with security solutions since the mid-nineties.  HCS is a natural add, and will be managed and aligned with our portfolio to continue to increase footprint and customer reach.

Novidam Capital Partners adds niche security companies

On May 1st 2016 Novidam Capital Partners announced the add-on acquisitions of Dart Security Systems and Rainbow Protection, following the acquisition of Telestat Security in April 2016.  Together with earlier acquisitions, the companies will form Worldwide Security Group, LLC, located in Manhattan and Long Island.  Worldwide Security services and manages one of the largest account bases of security customers in the NYC Metropolitan area, focusing on households, multi-family residential buildings and five star hotels.

Novidam Capital Partners closes first acquisitions

On January 7th 2016, Novidam Capital Partners announced the acquisitions of American Security Technologies, Vision, and GC Alarm, in a cash and debt asset transaction.

With offices in the Graybar building in Manhattan, and in western Long Island, the independent companies will form one of the largest privately held integrated security companies in the NYC Metropolitan area.

NCP zooms in on the security services industry

With recurring revenue streams, sizable margins, and an increasing focus to smart homing and security services becoming available online, Novidam Capital Partners is actively sourcing deal flow in the alarm and security services industry.