NCP acquires Bellringer Security

In February 2019, Novidam Capital Partners acquired Bellringer Security.  Celebrating more than 100 years of success, since 1917 Bellringer has been supplying the East End of Long Island, primarily The Hamptons, with high-end commercial and residential security services.  Protecting over six thousand addresses, and with its 45 employees, Bellringer is the original security protection company of Eastern Long Island. With Bellringer, Novidam Capital Partners increases its geographic footprint of security companies from NYC through the East End, as well as penetrates more deeply into local markets, creating >80% market share from Southampton eastward. The teams in our operating companies are excited to partner with Bellringer to share resources, learnings and customer care improvement, to continue our strong growth curve.  The integrated group of companies is the largest private held security company in New York. /