Current Investments

Legate Partners

As previous searchers and business builders Legate Partners are excited to provide capital, mentorship, and support for exceptional leaders. Experienced due diligence and deal partner. They’ve invested in dozens of private company deals and benefit from 50+ years of experience at CIBC Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley, and McKinsey. Legate loves to invest additional capital when a company is positioned for continued growth. Rob did this in his searcher journey and built Stealth Monitoring to $100+ million annual recurring revenue. They are patient investors who love investing for the long term. We are structured accordingly and can hold great companies for longer than a traditional investor.



Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics

Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics, P.C. is medical spa with locations in Cerritos and Costa Mesa, CA, specializing in non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments and skincare. They offer a range of services including injectables, skin resurfacing, body shaping, and other energy-based device treatments.




Tortorella Pool Engineering

Tortorella Group ranks among the top firms nationwide and has designed some of the more spectacular pools on Long Island, from their Southampton and Hampton Bays locations. Tortorella’s passion is to demonstrate exceptional skills by surpassing clients’ expectations with creative and innovative abilities. J. Tortorella Swimming Pools, Inc. is the flagship in a family of companies: Autochem, which provides bulk chemicals to our commercial clients; J. Tortorella Heating & Gas, a propane distributor and specialist in heater and gas installations.





Rebag, the ultimate destination for buying and selling the most coveted designer handbags, watches, jewelry, and accessories, is an e-commerce company reimagining the role of luxury in the secondary market. Rebag has opened a world of endless access to luxury, with a unique business model that puts the seller first, offers upfront payment, and makes the resale experience smooth and clutter-free. The company operates online and in stores, with locations in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Founded in 2014 by a team out of Harvard Business School, Rebag is backed by prestigious venture capital investors including General Catalyst, Novator, Crosslink and FJLabs, and has raised $68m in funding to date. In 2020, Rebag was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. Rebag has been featured in the New York Times, Business of Fashion, VOGUE, TechCrunch and more.




Eclipse CCMaaS Software Group

Eclipse offers a unique form of Customer Communication Management as a Service, allowing customers to convert their data into readable texts and other innovations in accordance with their house style guide within one digital environment. This Service enables clients to communicate with their customers in easy, loyal and valuable way. They help customers transform from CCM to CXM based on their innovative, secure & compliant SaaS platform underpinned by their high value services. In addition to functional requirements, Eclipse Group’s CCM platform facilitates in-depth information for audits, personal data protection and A/B testing.





BWS Standfast Fire & Security Systems

BWS Standfast are a leading independent provider of Fire and Security systems, working Nationally across the UK with a proven track record for excellence and exceptional standards of service delivery. BWS holds the highest levels of certification in the industry, including NSI Gold and BAFE SP203-1. For 32 years BWS Fire & Security Systems. Equipped with advanced features BWS systems offer leading edge technology that provide precise security and safety. The control panels, detectors, cameras, access equipment and fire systems are developed in the worlds most advanced factories to provide the quality and service you need.




Avesta Medical Ketamine and Wellness

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness offers ketamine infusion treatments to patients in McLean, Virginia, Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC. The anesthesia and pain management professionals compassionately treat mood disorders and chronic pain while offering wellness infusions to athletes and other individuals using intravenous vitamins.  Avesta is the Northeast leader in anesthesiology and pain management and specialize in reducing pain, depression, and anxiety while improving overall wellness with a variety of options.





CW Group

CW Group is France’s leading website and online marketing content provider and specializes in solutions for small to medium size enterprise customers.  Spread throughout France, CW Group concentrates on the Paris and Lyon regions.





Apaleo Software

Apaleo is the most open ecosystem in hotel technology which developes industry-leading APIs to help specialized vendors and tech-savvy hoteliers connect their best-of-breed solutions to their Open PMS.  Apaleo empowers accommodation providers to create the ultimate digital experience for guests & staff with Apaleo and some of the hundreds of integrations available in the Apaleo Store. The platform was built on the core belief that hospitality software should never be fixed in time because guest and staff expectations are constantly evolving & increasing, and every hospitality business must adapt to survive and thrive. Operators join Apaleo believing in the true value of the ecosystem and community to accelerate innovation.



Verdocs Software

Verdocs enables developers to power fully customizable and embeddable eSignature experiences into next-generation web applications. This technology company provides a developer-first, extensible platform to enable builders to create innovative digital transactions and scalable one-to-one digital transaction experiences. Verdocs provides a groundbreaking network architecture connecting platforms, partners and customers to an extensible, API-first e-sign solution. Verdocs sets itself apart with a developer-centric mantra and through this unique network effect, which fosters a true community of innovators and enables them to build the next generation of modern transactions.



WSH Medical Monitoring

We Send Help is a medical alert company specializing in providing personal round the- clock emergency monitoring services to seniors and those with physical and mental challenges, to allow for their independent living. Their core service is the medical alert system. The medical alert devices and systems provides older citizens and the physical/mentally challenged access to emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ( 



Boxie24 Storage

Boxie24 Storage is an innovative full service storage company with a unique solution: making self storage affordable and carefree. By lowering operational costs, with low churn and a high percentage recurring revenue, Boxie24 is able to deliver.  Boxie24 picks up, stores and delivers for both private storage and commercial storage.  With a free pick-up and return service, Boxie24 Storage is multi-faceted by providing high-quality self storage solutions at affordable prices.  Boxie24 Storage has locations in the Northeast of the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia.



Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Chateau produces and distributes modern and classic wines in close collaboration with grape farmers from across Europe.  Major retailers and airlines including Ahold and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are customers.  Discover the magical world of city winemaking through Chateau Amsterdam’s unique wines.






DG1 is a comprehensive and innovative web-based platform that offers an all-in-one solution for companies looking to grow their online business. As the new standard to go online, DG1 provides an efficient and affordable solution for any type of company, offering a wide range of features including e-commerce, website building, newsletter creation, scheduling and booking, mobile app development, and big data ownership. With its user-friendly interface and powerful technology, DG1 provides companies with a convenient and secure way to manage their entire online presence, allowing them to focus on growing their business and reaching new heights in the online arena.




eMerge IT

eMerge IT offers a complete suite of IT networking services that are both preventative and responsive. eMerge ITS will work to keep your business operating without interruption and focus on minimising lost time and data.




Spice Cookies Distribution

Spice cookies is a US based distributor of Dutch and other Northwest European higher-end bakery products.  In a direct partnership with Novidam, Dutch bakery producers, looking to expand their offerings overseas, conduct research with US retailers and restaurants to assess new product offerings.






Aspen Tree

Aspen Tree buy’s and operates durable businesses for the long term. Aspen Tree partners with entrepreneurs who care deeply about their teams, customers, and legacy. They provide a permanent home for stable, niche businesses and empower them to realize their full potential.






DC Partners Capital

DC Partners Capital is an investment firm focused on buying SMEs from retiring owners who are keen to hand over their business to a like minded entrepreneur, who caters to founders that don’t just want another big company to take over their company. With Daniel’s skillsets he drives the next phase of growth by implementing and developing new technologies to inject new energy and resources.




Cork Partners

Cork Partners is a search fund with aspiration to acquire one privately held company in the United States 2-5m EBITDA.




SaloMonte Investment

SaloMonte Investment is focused on identifying, acquiring and actively leading one specific Dutch company in day-to-day operations. They offer entrepreneurs a unique alternative to traditional exit options. SaloMonte Investment is a team of entrepreneurs with success in investing in, operating and growing private companies. They aim to identify, acquire and operate an existing private business with an initial enterprise value between €5.0 – €25.0 million.





Relevia is a Search Fund that aims at organizing the succession of a single SME in France. Backed by 18 investors, Thomas will sustain and build on the existing facilities and values of the acquired company as the new CEO.





Mors Transmission

Mors Transmission is an investment company (“Search Fund”) created in 2023 by an entrepreneur, Hugo Pruvost, to identify, acquire and operate a single SME business in France between €10m and €30m of revenues.



Blanco Growth Partners

Blanco Growth Partners is led by a motivated entrepreneur backed by a unique investor team of high-performing small business operators and board members. Blanco Growth Partner’s entrepreneur-led team will grow your business and preserve the legacy you’ve built. You may seek a straightforward exit or a partnership to come aboard your business. Blanco seeks to grow your business and ensure its enduring success preserve your company’s brand and reputation as well as the customer, employee and supplier relationships you’ve fostered over the years.


Seqos Capital

Seqos is a pan-European Family Office with a speciality in the DACH-region that supports exceptional entrepreneurial talent acquire and become the CEO of small-to-medium sized businesses.

Realized – American Security

Novidam Capital Partners (NCP) are proud to announce that its own Briscoe Protective has recently acquired New York City’s American Security Systems. American is one of New York’s well known entities and we’re thrilled to add 40 years of protection history to our fire and security group.  Besides prime focus on fire protection and security services, for commercial customers in the five boroughs, American brings Briscoe a wealth of knowledge in the remote/virtual doorman space, as well as in the building exteriors anti-loitering area. American invented two-way voice, outdoor video monitoring.  American’s assets combined with Briscoe Protective’s, help Briscoe sustain and deliver on its value proposition – keep New York Briscoe Safe, at all costs! We warmly welcome American’s co-workers to the Briscoe family.  Briscoe Protective is New York’s largest independent fire protection and security company. From Westchester to Montauk, we protect New York!

Realized – Supreme Security Systems, Ltd.

Supreme Security Systems is a leading provider of integrated security systems. Supreme is a New York based company serving the Metropolitan New York area, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing a variety of state-of-the-art security/life safety systems and services.  Supreme focuses on customers such as (private) schools, hotels and property management companies.

Realized – SCAN Security

With >50 employees, SCAN Security provides residential and light commercial security services to high value customers primarily in the East End of Long Island, with more than four thousand customers in The Hamptons. From Southampton to Montauk, with most of its customers in East Hampton, SCAN Security protects the homes and businesses of renowned businesses and famous individuals, offering burglary alarm, interactive video, remote grounds control and guard patrol services. Being integrated into Worldwide Security Group, SCAN Security increases the combined company’s geographic expansion from NYC through the Hamptons, and creates the largest private security company in New York.

Realized – Briscoe Protective LLC

Founded in 1978, Briscoe, with >155 people and offices in Centereach, Harrison and Manhattan, is one the the largest privately held security companies in New York, the largest specialized in fire safety exclusively.  Briscoe focuses on fire security and fire alarm monitoring and provides services for more than four thousand commercial clients, such as Grand Central Terminal, well known hotels and universities, and thousands of iconic Manhattan office buildings.  With Worldwide Security, the combination and its >115 employees becomes the largest privately held security company in the NYC-Metro area, and one of the 25 largest public and private security companies in the United States, based on the 2021US SDM-top 100 ranking.

Realized – Goodstrong Lock & Alarm, Inc.

Goodstrong is a protection and detection company based in New Hyde Park, New York.  Goodstrong has been providing residential and light commercial customers with burglary alarms and other protection services since 1985.

Realized – Bellringer Security & Communications, Inc.

Celebrating more than 100 years of success, since 1917 Bellringer has been supplying the East End of Long Island, primarily The Hamptons, with high-end commercial and residential security services.  Protecting over six thousand addresses, and with its 45 employees, Bellringer is the original security protection company of Eastern Long Island.

Realized – Home Control Systems, Inc.

Home Control Systems, Inc., is a residential burglary alarm company, providing Eastern New Jersey with 24/4 security protection.  HCS was founded in the mid-nineties and has a strong reputation in its local footprint.   HCS is set for expansion in terms of services and further NJ geography.

Realized – GC Alarm, Inc.

GC Alarm is a residential security company, supplying, installing and monthly servicing burglar and fire alarm systems, to over nine thousand households.  The company also provides online and mobile based CCTV surveillance, hosted access, and smart/intelligent home automation services. GC Alarm was founded in 1979 and serves the NYC metro market and certain national accounts.  GC Alarm has q dense account base in the Garden City area and continues to operate as an individual business unit.

Realized – Vision Monitoring Services, Inc.

Vision Monitoring Services, Inc. is a security monitoring company with over 23 thousand monitored customers, staffed 24/7, in its U/L certified and FDNY Fire Approved Central Station.  With only 19 other central stations with FDNY Fire Approval in the country, Vision provides a variety of monitoring services for the home safety, business security, medical device fire prevention, and, remote video services industries.

Realized – Worldwide Security

Worldwide Security protects commercial and residential real estate properties including homes, hotels, schools, governmental facilities, and office skyscrapers, in the NY metro area, providing burglary alarms, video surveillance, fire protection, and (cloud) access control.  With offices and operations in Manhattan, Garden City and in the Hamptons, and with clients including Cushman & Wakefield, Vornado, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Trump International, PC Richards Group, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, Worldwide Security’s ~70 employees have been serving a wide range of customers for more than 35 years.  Through organic growth and proprietary technology services, as well as through acquisitions of Telestat Security LLC, Rainbow Protection Inc., and Dart Security Systems LLC, Worldwide Security was one of the largest privately held security companies in the NY metro area (